Christopher Hinkle

Notre Dame

Photo of Christopher Hinkle

New Strategies in Nanoelectronic 3D Heterogeneous Integration

Over 60% of compute performance gain over the past decade has come from advances and innovations in semiconductor process technology. Continuing this trend will require new advances in materials, devices, and integration schemes to meet the power, performance, and density scaling requirements of future compute systems. In this talk, we will focus on the challenges and opportunities of 3D (vertical) integration of “conventional” and exotic semiconductors, dielectrics, and metals that can enable highly dense, multi-functional devices and systems. We will highlight strategies for improved material quality, defect tolerance and mitigation schemes, new device and interconnect concepts, and the role of theory and data mining in accelerating progress in these areas.


Christopher Hinkle is the Bettex Collegiate Chair Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. He received his Ph.D. degree in 2005 in physics from North Carolina State University. Dr. Hinkle's research focuses on the growth, characterization, and device performance of new semiconductor materials and interfaces. He is particularly interested in the 3D heterogeneous integration of conventional and quantum materials for applications related to advanced CMOS and power devices in addition to quantum information systems.