Marin Soljačić


Photo of Marin Soljačić

Compact and Integrable Free-electron Light Sources

Free electrons can emit light when interacting with nanostructured materials. This way even materials with indirect bandgap (e.g., Si) can emit light. Moreover, such sources can be tuned to emit anywhere from X-ray to THz. Therefore, this presents an interesting novel paradigm for light emission in integrated platforms.


Marin Soljačić is a Professor of Physics at MIT. He is a founder of WiTricity Corporation (2007), LuxLabs (2017), and Lightelligence (2017). His main research interests are in artificial intelligence as well as electromagnetic phenomena, focusing on nanophotonics, non-linear optics, and wireless power transfer. He received numerous awards for his work, including: the Adolph Lomb medal from the Optical Society of America (2005), the TR35 award of the Technology Review magazine (2006), MacArthur fellowship “genius” grant (2008), Blavatnik National Award (2014). In 2011 he became a Young Global Leader (YGL) of the World Economic Forum.