Hong Tang


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Quantum Transducers: Materials, Devices, and Heterogeneous Integration

Hybrid quantum networks rely on faithful quantum state transfer between disparate physics elements operating at dissimilar frequencies and hosted in distinct materials. Chip-integrated quantum transducers enable high Q cavities with ultrasmall mode volumes and provide enhanced coupling between carriers while maintaining their quantum correlations. Here the transduction materials play a central role as they must meet stringent requirements for simultaneously providing strong nonlinearity and very low carrier loss. In this presentation, I will discuss the general criteria, specific implementation and future directions for materials, devices engineering, and heterogeneous integration in quantum transducer development.


Hong Tang is the Llewellyn West Jones, Jr. Professor of Electrical Engineering, Physics and Applied Physics at Yale University. His research utilizes integrated photonic circuits to study photon-photon, photon-phonon and photon-spin interactions as well as quantum photonics involving microwave and optical photons. He has been on Yale faculty since 2006. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award and Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering.